April 14th to 19th

Naoko & I cycled over 300 miles on the Trans Pennine Trail between Southport and Hornsea. The route was 248 miles and we cycled 62 miles getting to the start and returning. We were very fortunate to have good weather. I wrote up the ride and it can be read here…
April 27th
We went to Mark Beaumont's talk about his bike ride around the world and his bike ride down the Americas - excellent and well worth the £12 charge.
May 9th
The Stokesley Charity Bike ride attracted 352 cyclists with the numbers going up each year. I again took photographs to add to the website and made a YOUTUBE..
May 29th to June 4th
The GASBAGS trip to the Outer Hebrides started on May 29th with 6 nights away. See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3-waNozx9PQ and review
Table Tennis
I'm playing a lot of table tennis at the Ormesby Table Tennis Club. I played non-stop between the ages of 16 to 26, and now at 60 my enthusiasm is returning. I've made a few YOUTUBES for the club. my favourite being…
June 17th to 20th
I cycled 260 miles over 4 days with the CTC. The trip circulated from Great Ayton to Alston to Kielder to Edmundbyers and back to Great Ayton. If there is a nice pleasant flat route and a steep hilly route the CTC will always choose the hilly route. From Alson we cycled 5 miles up the Hartside Pass at 1904ft then with a superb 5 miles downhill - magnificent views. Review..
July 3rd
After all the cycling I was worried about not having walked enough to be fit for the Osmotherley Phoenix. The week before I walked 10 miles then 12 miles and felt very stiff especially after the first walk. I've just run/walked the 17 mile course of the Osmotherly Phoenix and am fairly stiff. My time was just 5 hours. I was astonished at how many were running the 33 mile route. I made a YOUTUBE…
July 24th to 25
GASBAGS cycled to Scarborough and back to celebrate the 20 year GASBASGS anniversary. The round trip was 109 miles with the group being: Jeff & Pam; Ray & Bridget; Mike & Naoko; John & Rachel; Nigel & Jess; MikeW; Paul; Zoe with Alec & Ann turning up in their car as Alec's knees were not recovered after his operation. There was a superb firework demonstration.
August 16th
I cycled with Naoko and Dave up Tan Hill. The distance from Ayton to the top of Tan Hill was just 55 miles. Dave & Naoko jumped in Jean's car at the top of Tan Hill whilst I zoomed, after 2 pints of beer, dangerously down the 11 miles downhill before getting in the car. The YOUTUBE focuses on Dave's achievement…
September 4th to 5th
GASBAGS cycled to York and back with several routes being chosen - I cycled just 72 miles. This time the group was Jeff & Pam; Ray & Bridget; Mike & Naoko; Mike & Julie; Nigel & Jess; Ann. We stayed in the York YH with the 6 women sharing and the 5 men sharing.
September 19th
I ran again in the Great North Run - my 7th. The day started wet but the rain stopped just before the run started and only restarted as I reached the end. I again interviewed people running for Alzheimer's with the resulting YOUTUBE being one of my best…
September 25th to 26th
GASBAGS cycled to Durham with the group taking 2 routes. Nigel & Jess & Mike cycled there via Barnard Castle - a rather long detour! The round trip for me was 120 miles whilst the ones who went there on route 1 had a round trip of just over 80 miles. The rest in the group were Jeff & Pam; Ray & Bridget; Alec & Ann and MikeW. We stayed in the excellent Durham YH which is actually on of the University halls of residence - excellent breakfast and just £26 for B&B. We ate out in a vegetarian restaurant - creating all the atmosphere.


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